2018 : 94 pts - JAMES SUCKLING
2017 : 93** pts - MIQUEL HUDIN
2016 : 92 pts - GUIA GOURMETS

2017 : 93 pts - JAMES SUCKLING
2015 : 94 pts - GUIA GOURMETS
2014 : 94 pts - JAMES SUCKLING


The D.O. Toro appellation is located to the northwest of Madrid, in the centre of Castile and León. Situated on a plateau, our vineyard is planted at a height of 600 to 750 metres above sea level. This is crucial to the quality of grape production. It means there is considerable variation between daytime and night-time temperatures, which gives the grapes a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity: sweetness from long hours of sunshine, acidity from cool nights. Temperatures commonly reach as high as 36°C during the day, and fall to 15°C at night. The proximity of the River Duero also plays an important role in the quality of grape production. It brings favourable humidity, reflects the sun's rays and creates a microclimate. In climatic conditions such as these, the grapes grow very slowly and ripen very late. Tinta de Toro grapes are usually not harvested until mid-October.

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